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The Kepos Problem

Dione Quinn is a biology nerd, not a fighter, but when a school research trip goes wrong and the Venatorians, vicious alien hunters, attack their ship, her only choice is fight or die.

In their escape, her best friend, Lithia Min, jumps them to a planet outside the Alliance-protected Bubble. They’ve escaped for now, but they are stranded where no one will look for them, let alone find them, and one of her classmates has been injured in the attack. The only thing that can save her friend is on the mysterious planet Kepos that, according to Alliance records, doesn’t exist.

As Dione discovers the truth about the planet and the lengths to which she must go to save herself and her friends, Kepos presents a problem. One that will force Dione to decide:

What is her future worth?


Current WIP

July 8th: Kickstarter launches for The Goddess Games (ends July 26th)

The Phantom Crown (The Atlantis Crown, Book 2). I’ve got most of a second? Tenth? (it gets hazy) draft down, and I’m elbow deep in editing. I’m hoping to have it ready for beta readers by the end of March. The Goddess Games, Book 1 of the series, will be sent out to agents soon!